Welcome to, the portfolio and gallery site of Alex Begg. I am a student majoring in Media Arts & Animation at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles. I do a lot of 3D art, and have started working and pursuing a career in motion graphics and visual effects. I began animating from start of high school and am now continuing it in a Bachelors of Science Animation program. I have an interest in architecture and I have been constructing 3D buildings in a virtual reality online program called Active Worlds since 2001. I hope you enjoy looking at the work I have displayed on this web site.

I have a MySpace page where I post my personal blogs that you can visit. The MySpace page is my personal site, while I try to keep this site as professional as I can.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any comments shout them out in the box to the left.

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Feb 24 2006 - In Contact page I added instant messengers online status icons that also show if I am away.
Feb 4 2006 - Portfolio page has stuff added, and Gallery page no longer exists, it will all be on Portfolio page.
Dec 16 2005 - I plan to add Portfolio and Gallery sections soon, I will be working on it duringthe winter break I am now on.
Aug 1 2005 - Only have About Me and Contact pages up at the moment.
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